Jim Christopher, Founder of S.O.S.

Jim Christopher, Founder of S.O.S.

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Secular Organizations for Sobriety was founded in 1985 by James Christopher, a sober alcoholic himself, since 1978, and author of the books, "S.O.S. Sobriety" and "Unhooked:  Staying Sober and Drug-Free".

Secular Organizations for Sobriety or "S.O.S.," as it is fondly referred to by it's members, has helped countless thousands of addicted persons reclaim their lives for 30 years.

Since it's inception, Secular Organizations for Sobriety has welcomed anyone sincerely seeking sobriety from alcohol addiction, drug addiction and compulsive eating.  S.O.S. is a highly effective alternative to the 12-step model of recovery, and provides yet another path to recovery from addiction.  S.O.S. welcomes the attendance of religious, as well as nonreligious persons, and offers a support group and method in a secular setting.  

S.O.S. credits the individual for achieving and maintaining his/her own sobriety.  S.O.S. respects recovery in any form, regardless of the path by which it is achieved.  It is not opposed to, or in competition with any other recovery program.

Secular Organizations for Sobriety is a nonprofit network of autonomous, non-professional local groups, dedicated solely to helping individuals achieve and maintain sobriety/abstinence.  There are group meetings in many cities throughout the world.  For information about starting a group in your area, please visit our START A GROUP page.