On Line Groups

Can't find a meeting in your area, or looking for "virtual" access to S.O.S. support?  This list of on line groups and/or meetings can help.  If you are involved with, or are facilitating an online group or meeting, and don't see it listed here, please email us and let us know, thanks!

SOS (or “Save Our Selves”) Eating Disorder Group is dedicated to providing a path to non disordered eating that is an alternative to the paths dependent upon supernatural or religious beliefs. We respect diversity, welcome healthy skepticism, and encourage rational thinking as well as the expression of feelings. We each take responsibility for our individual food abstinence program on a daily basis.

S.O.S. Secular Eating Disorder Group

 S.O.S. (Save Ourselves) 


An S.O.S. Facebook Group for those seeking additional support with their secular recovery. 

S.O.S. International

Alcohol/Drug & other Addictions Recovery Support Group using the S.O.S. philosophy.

S.O.S. Women

 "A safe house for Women with Addiction Issues".  SOS WOMEN Secular Organizations for Sobriety or Save Our Selves is an abstinence based organization.

S.O.S. Friends & Family

 S.O.S. Friends & Families is a support group for the loved ones of those suffering from addiction, even if you, yourself are also an addict.

S.O.S. Posting Board

This bulletin board is for anyone (your “party” affiliation is your business) interested in discussing secular approaches to recovery from alcohol and drugs as explored by S.O.S. 

Badge to Badge

Badge to Badge is a peer-support group dedicated to the recovery of law enforcement personnel who are dealing with alcohol, and other addictions. This group is open to all police and law enforcement, whether newly sober or with many years of recovery. Our topics range greatly and the discussion of new ideas in recovery is encouraged. This forum is a safe, confidential way of gathering information on addictions and sharing it with others in the law enforcement community.
Badge to Badge is an alternative recovery group based in Western New York, which follows the guidelines and principles of SOS (Save Our Selves) International. This group is an autonomous, non-professional local group dedicated solely to helping law enforcement personnel achieve and maintain sobriety.

S.O.S. Central Texas

Central Texas SOS(Save Our Selves)group where sobriety is our priority and we are here to help any we can,with support & caring.  We are an Alcohol/Drug & other addictions recovery support Group. Our focus is on recovery. This is an abstinence Group.