Recovery Books By Jim

Secular Organizations for Sobriety  founder, Jim Christopher has written several books to help fledgling groups find their way.  Each of Jim's books provides a lay of the land for anyone seeking recovery from any addiction, using the philosophy of SOS.

All of these books can be found on .

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How to Stay Sober
By James Christopher
By James Christopher
SOS Sobriety
By James Christopher

S.O.S. Clearinghouse

S.O.S. Pamphlets

Jim Christopher has created dozens of helpful pamphlets that will help you and/or your group's process in recovery.  All S.O.S. pamphlets are free of charge, and we'll ship directly to you.  We believe resources like these are KEY to your recovery, and we don't want you to miss out!

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Additional Recovery Resources

S.O.S. aims to support your secular recovery, so we've also included other suggested readings from S.O.S. members and more!  Don't forget to use Amazon Smile for your purchase!