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For over 30 years, Secular Organizations for Sobriety has been helping people to get, and stay clean and sober.

It's Official!  We're a 501(c)3!

Big news for Secular Organizations for Sobriety!  SOS has become it's very own 501(c)3!  That means that your donations go right back into the services we provide, can write them off your taxes.

SOS in Belgium!

SOS is a well-recognized and appreciated approach to addiction recovery in Belgium.  Jim Christopher visited Belgium with Roland Levy, long-time SOS leader in Sarasota, Florida, in celebration of the 30 year anniversary of SOS.

Roland Levy

SOS Turns 30!

On April 25, 2015,  Secular Organizations for Sobriety celebrated it's 30th year of helping alcoholics and addicts recover through secular means. CFI West hosted a birthday party for SOS and here's what people had to say...

Roland Rides for SOS!  600 Miles, Minimum!

Please support Roland’s Ride for SOS with your one-time tax-deductible donation….he’s cycling at least 60 miles per day!  Total: 600 miles minimum!