How to start a meeting

Addiction thrives in isolation; group interaction can promote recovery.  Secular Organizations for Sobriety is an anonymous support group for those seeking sobriety via a secular path.  

There is no charge or cost to participants in SOS groups; each group is self-supporting through voluntary contributions of members.  In order to avoid outside influences, 

All membership is anonymous, no one will ask for a member’s last name, address or any other identification.  Names of members/participants are never provided to outsiders.

SOS offers a variety of recovery tools, including both printed and video materials to assist new groups with beginning  the process and insuring that meetings are in alignment with SOS principles.

Secular Organizations for Sobriety meetings exist all over the world!  However, you may discover that the place you call "home" does not yet have an SOS meeting.  Never fear, you can start one yourself, with ease! Simply print out the meeting format instructions, and you're ready to go.  Oh, and of course you'll need the literature.  To purchase literature, contact the SOS clearinghouse.